Custom Molding

Al Arabiah Polystyrene has aligned itself in such a way that whatever your custom molding needs are we have a cost effective solution for you.

For the high volume runs we can be competitive with the standard custom molding process. Just let us know your specifications and application, and we will take care of the rest.


Loose Fill

Al Arabiah Polystyrene stocks loose fill packaging for all your one of a kind shipping needs. The packaging comes in 15 cubic foot bags.

We have the capabilities to provide bean bag fill. we can provide virgin or regrind fill. It’s done on a large scale with full truck loads or if you just need a tune-up on your existing bean bag chair, or for any use needed.


Cooler and Box Liners

We can supply you with a wide range of options for your cold storage needs. We have supplied box liners for a wide variety of industries including, pharmaceutical, food and beverage.


Contour Shapes and other Packaging

At Al Arabiah Polystyrene we have state-of-the-art hotwire cutting machinery that can turn an idea into reality.

We can create any 3-D shape you can imagine. We use computer aided cutters to create specific designs and shapes.  We can take your existing Auto CAD file or our design team can design it for you to produce the exact part you’re looking for.

Coupled with our laminating capabilities, a lot of 3-D products are easily developed as well, saving you time and money on expensive tooling.

The adjacent pictures are samples of contour shapes.